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Press Release: Airport

Friction Testing for Helidecks – Changing legislation 

Mon, Jul, 13th, 2015

As mandatory surface friction testing for helidecks is becoming more likely it is imperative that helideck operators and maintenance teams have the correct equipment in order to comply with the impending regulations.  

Recent research has identified set criteria for suitable friction testers to achieve in order to meet the new legislation, CAP 437.  The minimum average surface friction value of 0.65 should be achieved across the area inside the touchdown/positioning marking, outside the touchdown/positioning marking and on the paint markings themselves.  This should help to ensure that suitable levels of surface friction are available consistently at all helidecks and allow operators to monitor levels in order to take affective action when levels begin to drop and improve safety.

Findlay Irvine has developed a continuous surface friction-measuring device, Helideck micro GripTester, which meets all the criteria required by the UK CAA.  The simple to use software installed on the micro GripTester’s touch screen display guides the user through the friction test procedure with ease and stores the data straight onto the unit’s built in hard drive or directly onto a USB drive to allow for easy transfer of data.

Helideck micro GripTester can be folded away easily and weighing in at only 23kg can easily be transported or stored making it a simple, efficient one-person operation.  With the ability to consistently measure surface friction regardless of slope or incline the micro GripTester will give a true surface friction measurement regardless of the location from Airports, oilrigs to hospital helidecks.

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