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Press Release: Highways

New ICELERT Launch taking Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) to the next level

Wed, Oct, 26th, 2016

Findlay Irvine Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of the revamped Road Weather Information System (RWIS).  The first incarnation of was brought to the market in 1998 and since then the online weather data management portal has expanded and grown as technology has improved.  The new release of the website boasts a slick, modern feel from the outset as well as whole new range of tools to help Winter Decision Makers through the dark nights of winter.  The website displays data in a familiar but clean manner, seamlessly switching between tabular and graphical weather data while offering the user a range of customisable tools to extrapolate patterns from their data.


By better displaying data from a road operators weather stations, users can increase the suitability of the decisions being made thereby making savings for the tax payer.  By utilising a range of strategically placed weather stations, either manufactured by Findlay Irvine or indeed another supplier, users can quickly and easily analyse the weather data being received.  A weather station can contain any number of different types of sensors that can be utilised depending on the demands of the microclimate where that station is to be situated.  A standard forecast type weather station will consist of a data logger, Air Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor, Precipitation Sensor, Wind Speed & Direction Sensor, Two Deep Temperature Sensor and a Surface Sensor measuring Surface Temperature, Surface State (ie Ice, Wet, Dry) and Salt present.  A local authority network can have any number of weather stations depending on the number of microclimates, cost, size and needs.  

Data can be viewed in a variety of graphs, tables and representations.  Forecasts from all the main weather forecasters in the UK can be imported into the system to give users a one-stop-shop for weather information about their road network.


The custom built design allows for intuitive viewing of data along with the easy to use Messaging System which will allow decisions to be disseminated quickly to stakeholders.

Icelert is designed to work on any internet enabled device, browser and at differing screen sizes so it can be comfortably used on a phone or tablet.  The graphs can be pinched to zoom in on the data and increase resolution while all features are available on both the desktop and mobile versions.  There is no need to download a custom app, just access via your devices web browser.

The all new is designed by the Winter Decision Maker for the Winter Decision Maker.  This is only the start, there are a number of boundary pushing innovations lined up to be launched throughout the winter season as well as over the coming seasons.