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Press Release: Highways

World Leading Skid Resistance Monitoring Devices

Wed, Mar, 16th, 2016

Skid Resistance is becoming a more prominent issue with Engineers and Road Operators around the world as the more focus is being placed on providing safer roads.  Accidents involving wet skidding are a major concern regardless of what part of the world your network is in and finding ways to reduce these types of incidents is a challenge.  Measuring Skid Resistance both annually and after incidents is proving to be best practise for Road Operators as they seek to reduce accidents and protect against litigation.

Findlay Irvine with their unique GripTester and micro GripTester MK2, can provide the solution with their world leading Skid Resistance measuring devices.   GripTester MK2 is a trailer based continuous friction measuring device that has been used on roads around the world for more than 20 years and can give repeatable, cost effective results on the Skid resistance of your network.  It can be used with any type of tow vehicle and is easy to deploy for fast, reliable results.  

The micro GripTester is the new portable, push friction tester that uses the same measuring technique as the GripTester MK2 but can be used to measure Skid Resistance in places that its big brother cannot go.  Since its launch, it is now being used around the world to measure Skid Resistance on roads, footways, markings, iron works, accident sites and pedestrian zones amongst other uses.  The controlled water delivery and touchscreen display makes it versatile while still being deployable in a matter of minutes.