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Press Release: Highways

Windalert is wind management and display system that utilises a standalone system to monitor, record and display wind events on structures, bridges and high areas of concern.

Thu, Dec, 18th, 2014

High Winds on exposed sections of highways and bridges has been a long problem but with increasing traffic densities there is an increasing need to manage these occurrences more effectively by one being accurately aware of the conditions as they occur and preferably before and then broadcasting warnings through numerous information channels and finally if possible setting up diversionary roots.

It is imperative to have accurate and timely information about the wind speed, gust and direction to ensure that these measures are only brought in to effect when required to minimise traffic disruption.

Findlay Irvine systems not just measure but help actively manage these incidents by driving diversionary, warning signs directly or through 3rd party information systems but also supplying the information automatically to stake holder thus helping to reduce the communication load on the duty engineer allowing them to focus on the situation.

Findlay Irvine’s Windalert system is a stand alone unit, easily installed into existing lighting columns with a continuous power supply or any column or post.  By using a heated ultrasonic anemometer which will not freeze, and GPRS data transfer technology it can accurately record wind speed and direction aiding up to the minute decision making to minimise risk to the road user and operator.