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SOBENA Helideck Seminar in Rio de Janiero

Wed, Apr, 12th, 2017

Findlay Irvine recently attended and exhibited at the 4th SOBENA Helideck Seminar in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Catering for the Oil and Gas Industry in Brasil and South America, the event is the region’s main exhibition and industry forum.  The audience was made up of leading figures in the South American Oil and Gas Industry as well as government agencies and ministers.   The event was well attended and our market leading Helideck micro GripTester continuous friction measuring device engineered for Helidecks was very well received.  

Sales Director, Rob Sims presented the Helideck micro GripTester during the seminar focusing on the new CAP437 8th Edition legislation and the importance of friction testing of Helidecks.  A large audience attended the presentation including the Brasilan Navy, Health & Safety Executives, leading oil and gas companies and various Civil Aviation Authorities as well as the UK CAA.  Interest in the Helideck micro GripTester’s capabilities was extremely strong and a lively debate ensued around the new legislation and the importance of adopting this considered “best practise” throughout the industry in order to improve levels of safety.