Rail Switch Heating


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Rail Switch Heating

Findlay Irvine’s range of Rail Switch Heating controllers can help keep points and point controllers free from ice and snow. This can help keep networks moving, limiting delays during periods of winter weather.

Findlay Irvine’s Icelert for rail range of rail switch heating controllers are known throughout the industry as an effective low cost solution to the problem.

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407M Controller



The ICELERT 407M is Findlay Irvine’s latest controller developed to Network Rails requirements and used through out the UK. The control algorithm is well proven with over 3000 systems in operation today.

Rail temperature sensors a precipitation sensor are used to determine the optimum time to energise the heating ensuring energy usage is kept to a minimum.


To minimise maintenance requirements Findlay Irvine have developed the DCU390PH Logger to provide condition monitoring information and remote operation. The condition information in form’s the maintainer about the state of the equipment without a site visit, which reduces costs and improves track safety.

Remote operation allows local control to be overriding for remote system testing or to ensure heating is operation during extreme weather events when cost is a secondary issue.

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