Bespoke Solutions


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Engineering For The Defence Sector

We have for over 40 years designed and manufactured bespoke solutions for use in the world’s most advanced ships and boats; everything from control units for stabilising equipment and rudder servo amplifiers to diving bell controllers and heave compensation systems.

Notable successes include the Helicopter Handling Control System for the Royal Navy’s Type 23 Frigate, Control Systems for Towed Array Handling and the Emergency Propulsion System, for the Royal Australian Navy.

We are currently developing systems for use on defence craft around the world, such as the control systems for Secondary Propulsion and Mast Control Systems fitted in the Astute – Class submarine fleet.

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Innovative Solutions

Our Design and Production departments have the capability to take requirements from outline specification through to a bespoke system in a realistic time period. From PLC to embedded processor, large control panels to small wireless sensors we have the capability to design to your exacting requirements.

By innovating bespoke solutions and working with clients we can help you overcome problems by developing technical solutions. Findlay Irvine have worked with organisations in multiple sectors to create bespoke solutions to needs that cannot be satisfied with off the shelf products.

Such bespoke innovations have been the backbone of Findlay Irvine’s business for over 50 years resulting in what started as a bespoke product for one organisation becoming the industry standard for all.

If you have problem and are looking for a technical solution that cannot be found on the market or have needs that cannot be quite met by what is available contact us to discuss the possibilities.